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Yamete Kudasai Seitsuu shite Shimaimasu
6-10-2021, 17:10Views: 921

Yamete Kudasai Seitsuu shite Shimaimasu

Original title:

[雨読六畳] やめてください精通してしまいます [DL版]

Relise Date: 2021/03/27
Artists: Udokurokujou
Languages: Japanese
A haphazard erotic manga about a nude teacher who is tormented and made savvy!

I met my former teacher again on a day of great cold wave, and he was still as insanely young as he was then.
When the power goes out at the house they've been invited to due to heavy snowfall, they find themselves huddled together and discover that their mentor is in fact a hermaphrodite with a short foreskin.
What's more, he has never ejaculated in 38 years...?
This is an erotic manga about a teacher who used to take care of me, and how he makes me break my abstinence and become familiar with him.

The story is about a woman who has never cum before.
Polite language blaming and receiving
Air fingerjob
Impatience, lesbianism
Mass ejaculation
Mass ejaculation ●Piezuri, etc.

Over 50 pages in black and white.
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