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What do you know about doujinshi hentai? Nothing? Oh, darling, then it's time to introduce it!

Doujinshi is separated and independent of any unit of comics created and self-published by amateurs. This direction has received tremendous positive feedback in Japan because of the Copyright Act which makes it possible to create new comics based on existing titles.

Shippers are in high spirits!
The authors of amateur porn comics can't miss the chance of drawing well-known characters all together! Another interesting fact you should know is that the collection of your most favorite comics is just a small part of doujinshi! Yes, exactly in this direction artists create such masterpieces!

Why doujinshi is more original than other popular sex comics?
I suppose everybody knows "Lion King" made by Disney. Though a few people know that it's not an original product as Disney bought a Copyright from one failed Asian company. At the very beginning it was an absolutely unpopular anime (started from a children's manga cause in Japan manga is something like a script for anime). And what do we see now? "Lion King" is supposed to be an immortal classic, one of the best titles of all time. It's a pretty good example of how powerful companies swallow weak ones. They are like sharks of business devouring small fish. Their great success makes the audience go for every crap they do, but it's just a petty thing!

Let's talk, perhaps, about huge studios making porn comics... Usually it goes the following way: starting their work, they find every idea that brings them enormous popularity and their own fan base in a short time. But, honey, you know, the great comics differ from "War and peace".  Big bosses fuck their cash cow again and again untill worthwhile ideas become irrelevant, boring and trivial. And then the studio announces a new porn comic. Surely,  you are looking forward to seeing something fresh and original. But... What is the result? So, don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk, you know? It's the same fucking shit  with different characters. I'm disappointed!

And here's a reason to sing the praises of doujinshi and other auteur manga! As artists have to survive in the world of giants in porm comics industry, they are always trying to surprise their readers, to create something extremely bright and original. Something nobody has seen before!

Interesting characters and their own story
Beside the fact that doujinshi porn comics are usually based on existing universes and character systems, some authors seem to be rather creative to make the product of their own. Honestly, it's not my cup of tea to read these comics with participants I perfectly know, cause there's nothing new, nothing fresh, nothing intriguing. I prefer meeting new people living untold lifes and opening their backgrounds.

Despite the amateur design...
Perhaps, some readers consider doujinshi porn comics as something of poor quality. But I assure you that such content can be exciting! More than that we upload the best of the best porn hentai comics only, so you're able to read it in the highest quality. And don't forget this huge collection of doujinshi sex comics are available for free online!