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Futa Comics

Hi, my fellow wanker! I'm here to show off my best purchase of the year––it's pornodictionary! Believe me, it's rather curious experience to be porn copywriter cause every fucking day you face something new!

Have you ever heard about futanari, darling? If you haven't yet, just let me be your pornodictionary guide! Hell, you'd probably got turned on, right? As for me, I'm wet as fuck! So, I think it's the best time for us to begin...

Futanari/futa/dickgirl/femboy seem to be characters who have both big dick (mostly often replacing clit) and sweet pussy. Big boobs are included, don't worry!

What was the origin of this category? When did it first appear?

British scientists have been puzzling over these questions for a long time. But one reliable source has told me that it all began with futanari doujin; in other words, amateur manga. No doubt, the direction of futa porn comics is still fresh and young because it appeared just recently. However, futanari has gained an enormous popularity and loyal fan-base throughout the world! Thanks to the global tendency towards gender equality.

I suppose you wanna know what was the reason that futanari manga took its roots exactly in the amateurish sketches. Good question, honey, and I answered it in my article concerning doujinshi.

What are the plots in futa sex comics about?

First of all, you'd better take into consideration the fact that due to their body abilities they can crew anybody! It doesn't matter if it's boy, girl, or even other futa and vice versa!

Futa on male comics are usually divided into two categories. The first one implies the dominating futa, so, boys, get your booties ready! Sometimes futas use their partners dick like dildo just allowing to fuck her. In the second variant we see the opposite situation when the boy dominates over futa. Sounds intriguing, right? Such stories are based on violence, and futa here are shown like experiments. She acts as a sex slave who has to obey his every command.

Futa on female comics is such kind of content which is the main object of desire of all perverted dudes who are crazy about lesbian shit. Why? Well, the answer is not quite complicated! I don't know anybody who doesn't like these pure and passionate feelings between two beautiful girls, really! And, honestly, if one of them has a dick... Oh, Gosh, it makes me hard more and more. In this category futanari usually leads the relationship. They are depicted like athletic, and fit, and cute, but with greatly exaggerated thing...  between their legs, if you know what I mean.

More than that, we should not forget about superfuta! It's another subcategory which represents two funanari who make such a beautiful couple! These comics are soaked with incredible passion, felt even through the screen. Just imagine two futas, two rivals, two contenders for the title of leader, and, surely, couple of big dicks! Boom! It feels like my brain is exploding because the diversity of sex positions and different abilities makes me mad!

Plotlines with futanari are always interesting and intriguing. Main characters often act in very unexpected way and it's hardly possible to predict their behavior. They can be up and bottom, tsundere and yandere - choose whichever you prefer!

Anime futa just for you!

I wouldn't be me if I didn't remind you that you're welcome to read futanari comics absolutely for free online! We have collected the best futa porn comics in HD quality that is why you can see the smallest details of the story! Our user friendly navigation helps you to find your favorite futa or choose the best artist very quickly!